COVID 19 – Keeping You Safe In The Studio

UPDATE – Although social distancing has been removed we believe it is still appropriate to maintain this in the studio and retain sanitisation. Therefore on entering the building you will find a cleaning station where you are required to wipe down all door handles. Also in the Live Room there are 2 cleaning stations for you to clean down all equipment before using it. (Please do not spray directly on to any equipment but spray onto the wipe and then wipe down). Please also follow the guidance below.

Everyone is required to either wash their hands or use hand sanitiser on entry to the building. Hand washing facilities and appropriate hand sanitiser are provided. Entering one at a time, then moving into the Control Room or Live Room as appropriate for the session. There are also signs to help you remember what you need to do to keep safe in the studio.

The Control Room and Live Room have been marked out on the floor to help you to maintain social distancing, if you are from different households. Please maintain social distancing at all times in the rooms and respect others when using the reception room, corridor and toilet.

Hand sanitisers have been installed and we will insist you use them before you enter the Toilet and when entering and leaving the Live Room.

The studio and toilets will still be regularly cleaned by One Nation Studios.

The Live Room is equipped with a fresh air flow system that continuously brings in fresh air and removes the air from the room.

To avoid any physical contact, all payments will need to be PAID BY BANK TRANSFER or PAYPAL TRANSFER. If you can only pay by CASH please contact us directly. 


The number of band members using the Live Room will be restricted to a maximum of 5 people.

UPDATE – A 30 minute gap will be enforced between bands to allow bands to disinfect all equipment in the room (amps, desk, mic stands, drum kit, etc) with the products provided, and to maintain social distancing. Bands may turn up 15 minutes before their slot to clean. Please respect this 30 minute gap to allow us to keep you safe.

Ideally, you should bring your own microphones if you have them (we will provide 2 stands and 2 cables). However we will provide one microphone per Rehearsal which will be put in isolation for 72 hours before being used again. On request we can provide more mic stands and cables if you are bringing your own extra mics.

Please can each band designate only one person to use the PA system.

There is a black and yellow striped line dividing the Control Room, please stay to the left of this line and do not cross it when walking through the Control Room to the Live Room corridor.

If you do show signs of COVID19 please do not come to the studio and if the rest of the band want to cancel there will be no charge, however late the cancellation. If you start to show COVID19 symptoms during a rehearsal please leave immediately and contact us.

Lots of information we know but very necessary at the moment. Please contact us with any clarifications or queries.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.