Using industry standard technology (both digital and analogue), we provide high quality recording, mixing and mastering services to all our clients – and the latter are available whether you’ve recorded with us or not.

Our combined experience enables us to critically evaluate your music and determine what adjustments are required to render it truly flawless. For example does the track lack punch? Is there spacial clarity for all instruments? Does the top end lack sparkle? These are the sorts of questions we will be asking – we assess each track individually, enhancing them with techniques and effects such as compression, EQ, stereo imaging and reverb.

Our expertise is not confined to the studio – we are just as happy to work with you at live venues or on location with our mobile recording solutions.

Prices vary depending on your needs, so why not contact us today to see how we can help you?


We recorded 3 tracks in one day. Both the guys who worked there were friendly and professional, and they got to work straight away in micing up our gear. Although there is always time to wait at a recording studio as people record their respective parts, other members of the band were welcome to play around with ideas on a drum pads and keyboards which the guys at One Nation encouraged us to use.. good fun! Their attentiveness to our peculiar methods and sounds when recording was a great help. For example we needed quite a few extra drums miced up, as well as lending us a lot of extra gear we didn‘t possess (several amps, bass amps, even a bass). This attentiveness carried through into the mixing stage, where we had a very specific idea of the sound we wanted.
The guys were always really eager to help us in achieving the sound we imagined all along. After finishing, they did a lot of great work on EQs, compression and FX that we didn’t have time to do in the day. A tremendous help, however, has been their ability to send us not only the mixes, but all the individual stems in WAV form, so our friends can remix our songs. It’s been great, and I would thoroughly recommend the experience to everyone. If i could say one thing, it would be about our own decision to record three songs in one day.. that was perhaps too much, and we were cramped for time at the end, which is never good for trying to record the best record you can. For an EP, i would recommend booking 2 days with the guys at One Nation, for a total of 4 songs. Anyway, thank you so much!

3=Car Winners of Warwick UNI’s Battle of the Bands

What a fantastic studio, first class! James has a fantastic way of working with clients and bringing the best out of them. The demo sounds amazing – Luke Simnett