Do you need private tuition in Reason, Cubase, Sequencing or Recording, Mixing and Mastering?  The Warwick Studio can provide tutors with years of experience to offer one to one training at home, at your school or community centre.

The Warwick Studio offers tuition in the art of becoming a recording studio engineer.  We deliver training in all aspects of sound engineering and develop the industry‘s techniques for getting the best sounds from accoustic instruments, which microphones to use, how best to position them, the use of ’Compression‘, ’Gating‘ and ’EQ‘, to enhance the recording and deliver a tight mix. Working with digital technology along side analog equipment, all areas of ’Sequencing‘, ’Sampling‘ and controlling of ’Midi’ devices are covered.

At the Warwick Studio we use music industry technology (both digital and analogue), to provide a high quality service.  Our combined experience enables us to critically evaluate to make truly professional sounding music.  By using our large Genelec studio monitors and fantastic array of software and hardware we are able to produce killer results!